The Seminar Room, Cornell AAP NYC.

Excellent end to our final iteration of the FGT and law conferences at Cornell Law School, March 2017.

Art historian and theorist, Alexander Dumbadze, on Jack Goldstein.

The Art & Law Program holiday party, 2013, at Duff's Brooklyn.

Founder, Sergio Munoz Sarmiento presents at the New School.

Founder, Sergio Munoz Sarmiento presents at the New School.

Our 2015 t-shirt, back side.

Two fellows and founder walk into a room: Yaell Amir, Sergio Munoz Sarmiento, and Jacqueline Stahlman.

The fellows retreat for some R&R and a little snow, at Denniston Hill Artist Residency, 2016.

2010 fellows at Michelle Maccarone Gallery for the artist exhibition, 2010.

2015 fellows at Denniston Hill Artist Residency retreat.

Spring 2018 Fellows and friends at Denniston Hill Artist Residency retreat. Not pictured are: Adam Liam Rose, Karen Gover, Pablo Montealegre, Apexa Patel, and Chris Rawson. We missed them!

Yale Law School professor, Judith Resnick, leads a seminar on representations of justice.

Seminar on a timeless film.

Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy leads a seminar on Latin American artists who employ law as medium (2014).

Chris Rawson, (spring 2017 fellow), in his booth, Rawson Projects, at NADA Art Fair, March 2017.

Summer get together at the unofficial Art & Law Program cave, the infamous metal bar called Duff's NYC. Love seeing such sweet, creative and smart faces, who bring so much to the Program. (July 2017).

Nothing but respect and love for this 1/2 of Soda Jerk and for the other 1/2 as well. (Duff's NYC, July 2017).

The symposium on Félix González-Torres and law brought together scholars with backgrounds in law, art history and cultural history, as well as collectors and contemporary artists, in order to analyze the work of Félix González-Torres and its impact on the emerging field of art and law. The symposium was organized by Cornell Law School and the Art & Law Program and the de la Cruz Collection.

Eva Mayha Davis ('18) and Tracy Fenix ('17) with SMS enjoying the Art & Law Program welcoming party (Feb. 2018).

Moments before the fellows arrive for a seminar (Fall 2018).

Fellows retreat at Denniston Hill Artist Residency, spring 2016. Come join us!

2011 fellows at SculptureCenter in Queens, NY for the artist exhibition, 2011.

2016 spring term fellows at Denniston Hill Artist Residency retreat.

Associate Director, Lauren van Haaften-Schick catches up on her reading in Marfa, Texas. No better place to read on art and law, right?

2011 fellow, Michael Cataldi's project on air rights, exhibited at the SculptureCenter, NYC in 2011.

Soda_Jerk planning their next devious art project. Love it!

The Art & Law Program 2014 fellows taking a well-earned retreat...booze, food, talk, politics, DJ'ing, sports...all included.

Dean of Cornell Law School and Professor of Law, Eduardo Peñalver (right) and Sergio Munoz Sarmiento discussing property law, disobedience and contemporary art at the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Symposium, which was held on March 18, 2017 at Cornell Law School.

With artist, provocateur, and seminar leader, Hakan Topal at Duff's NYC. (July 2017).

Brian Soucek leads seminar on aesthetic judgments in the law (spring 2018).

The view from our seminar room at Cornell University's Art Architecture Planning space in Battery Park, NYC. Not a bad place to ponder the many faces of art and law (May 7, 2018).

Spring 2018 fellows hanging out around fireplace and watching movies at our traditional retreat at Denniston Hill (May 2018).

Pedagogy of corporations and their structures (Spring 2018).

Traditional pie-making by Lauren van Haaften-Schick at our annual retreat at Denniston Hill (Spring 2018.

Art historian and critic, Lane Relyea, leading seminar on his new book, Your Everyday Artworld.

2013 fellows at Denniston Hill Artist Residency retreat.

2016 fall term fellows at Denniston Hill Artist Residency retreat.

Seminar leader and Dean of Cornell Law School, Eduardo Peñalver, leads seminar on theories of property and the right to exclude.

2011 fellow, Lian Amaris, exhibits her project at SculptureCenter for the 2011 Art & Law Program exhibition.

2011 fellow, Lian Amaris, exhibits her project at SculptureCenter for the 2011 Art & Law Program exhibition.

Damien Davis, (spring '16 fellow), in front of two of his artworks at MoMA, NYC, Feb. 2017.

The Art & Law Program and Cabinet Magazine collaborate on Jack Goldstein talk

More Duffy's NYC with more great, creative alumni. Love them! (July 2017).

No vehicles on the park. Discuss. (Duff's NYC, July 2017).

The very first Oral Arguments took place at NYU on October 28, 2017. Volume I consisted of eight presenters, all alumni of The Art & Law Program. The presenters were: Thomas Beale, Abram Coetsee, Terike Haapoja, Nicole Belangeil Kaack, Kenneth Pietrobono, Susan Rosenberg, Vered Snear, and Alex Strada.

Kiran Chandara ('18) and Sasha Lerman ('15) with SMS at the February welcoming party for the spring 2018 fellows.

The seminal property case in the U.S. That's why we read and study it.

SMS, alumni and spring 2018 fellows visit the Judd Foundation in Soho, NYC (Spring 2018).

One of our seminars: cases, cases, essays, essays, coffee, beer, wine, and sometimes....hard liquor.

2014 fellows at Denniston Hill Artist Residency retretat.

The 2017 Art & Law fellows and friends, during our usual end-of-term retreat at Denniston Hill, NY.

Amy Adler, Professor of law at NYU School of Law, leads seminar on intellectual property and appropriation art.

Alternative Art School fair at Pioneer Works, with Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Alex Strada, Damien Davis, and Abram Coatsee, fall 2016!

Art & Law Program, 2015, visited MoMA today to view the Sturtevant exhibition...then we had delicious Cuban food over at Tina's on 56th Street. Great day; great outing; awesome fellows.

Chris Dorland, (2013 fellow), exhibits his work at Superdakota booth at NADA Art Fair, March 2017.

Joan Kee and Martha Buskirk discussing contracts, artists' foundations, and conceptual art, at Cornell Law School (March 2017).

Damien Davis, co-organizer with The Art & Law Program of the first Oral Arguments, pictured here with Sergio Munoz Sarmiento (Fall 2017). The Oral Arguments took place at NYU.

The spring 2018 fellows and alumni took a tour of the Judd Foundation at 101 Spring Street in NYC. We had a great tour guide, and some of us went out for tea, pie and some red wine. Looking forward to our fall 2018 visit.

Always good discussions at the dinner table during our traditional end of term retreat at Denniston Hill (May 2018).

Picture of the old Art & Law Program space at 1027 Grand St., in East Williamsburg Brooklyn, 2013. That's an Eric Doeringer "Buren" painting in the background, and Lauren van Haaften-Schick at the front of the room.

Art & Law Program fellows for the fall 2018 term. Photo taken at Cornell AAP space in lower Manhattan. Missing is Katya Grokhovsky (Dec. 2018).